Textile Designers

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    Veronika Persche

    Design and production of knitted fabrics and garments close cooperation with fashion designers or other creatives.

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    Ozgur Usakligil

    Ozgur Usakligil is an experienced product designer based in Turkey. Ozgur designs rugs for producers and his own collection.

  3. Erin Dollar

    Erin Dollar

    Cotton & Flax, founded by textile designer Erin Dollar in 2012, specializes in modern, minimalist surface pattern designs for home decor. From her studio in San Diego, California, Erin creates designs for throw pillows, table linens, fabric yardage, stationery, and more, developing her hand-drawn patterns into marketable designs.

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    Elena Belokrinitski

    Elena Belokrinitski is a textile designer with 8 years of experience in interior and fashion industry. Creating unique hand draw patterns, her vibrant palette and beautiful motives create a happy, lively textile design vision.

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    Simon Key Bertman

    Simon Key Bertman is a textile artist and designer, living in Stockholm. With a sharp eye for pattern, texture and color Simon Key Bertman's work has received considerable recognition over the past few years. Bertman's high-quality and dynamically patterned mainly woven textiles bring instant movement to any space and show off the unique processes that led to their design, conceptual dimensions, mathematical sequences, and fascinating play with form and color.

  6. Jasmine Smith

    Jasmine Smith

    Pinch & Punch is a creative design studio based in Tauranga, New Zealand. Jasmine Smith, the boss lady and designer at Pinch & Punch, is a graphic designer with strengths in illustration, textiles and branding. She loves to work with fashion, lifestyle and all-round creative brands.

  7. Zoe Feast

    Zoe Feast

    Based in Chicago, Zoe Feast has been designing patterns for over 25 years.

  8. Aimee Kent

    Aimee Kent

    Aimee Kent is a creative designer focusing on sustainable textiles and fashion. Aimee's abstract drawings and mark-making techniques, paired with her African heritage, produce eye-catching prints with a quirky, very distinct, almost 'tribal' aesthetic. Her signature designs are inspired by travel, 1950's - 1980's art and design, foreign architecture, and pattern discovered in her everyday surroundings.

  9. Jessica Rae

    Jessica Rae

    Jessica Rae is a freelance textile and surface pattern designer based in Australia. Rae draws inspiration from the Australian native bush, vintage flowers & ornamental and decorative art and has a penchant for creating unique patterns.

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    Elina Rebers

    Elina Rebers is a teacher, designer and entrepreneur. Elina designs patterns for the textile industry and for various companies that can be used in the home or in public spaces.

  11. Cristina Orozco Cuevas

    Cristina Orozco Cuevas

    Cristina Orozco Cuevas is an award-winning independent textile designer, specialized in surface CAD design in woven & prints for home decor, hospitality, and furnishing. Her design portfolio features more than 1,000 patterns.

  12. Gemma Capper

    Gemma Capper

    Gemma Capper is a freelance illustrator and textile designer, creating unique designs for the fashion, stationary and homewares industries using a range of different techniques.

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    Karma Voce

    Karma Voce is a surface designer & illustrator with over 10 years experience. With a background in the fast moving world of fashion, she has a diverse skill set. She has a passion for creating commercial but quirky and whimsical prints and patterns. Her work is suitable for a range of sectors including fashion, homewares, wall coverings, stationery and products.

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    Lisa Corti

    Lisa Corti, based in Milan, creates and designs a very personal home furnishing line & clothing and accessory collection for women and children.

  15. Gabi Bolton

    Gabi Bolton

    Gabi Bolton is an English artist and designer, creating works in textiles and wallpaper. Originally trained in printed textiles, Gabi works in a variety of disciplines, and applies her skills to textiles, interiors and landscape design.

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    Sandy Chilewich

    In 2000, New York designer Sandy Chilewich introduced her first woven textiles to the international design community. Each year her collection grows through her tireless experimentation and passion for different manufacturing techniques.

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    Sue Brown

    Sue Brown is a surface/textile and graphic designer. Sue's designs are created from refined designs, handmade influences, textures, patterns, shapes and colors.

  18. Molly Fitzpatrick

    Molly Fitzpatrick

    Molly Fitzpatrick creates fresh, modern textile designs for a variety of markets and applications. Molly has designed textiles for a wide variety of clients in a number of markets, including major airlines, home furnishings, and baby accessories.

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    Deborah Kaplan

    Deborah Kaplan is a freelance textile designer based in Portland, OR. She specializes in print designs for children's wear, women's wear, swimwear, home textiles, paper products, etc.

  20. Gabriela Fuente

    Gabriela Fuente

    Gabriela de la Fuente is a print designer who works on a freelance basis and under commission. With a BA in Fashion Design she uses her creativity to make exclusive patterns for fashion, interiors and stationery.

  21. Kristina Forrest

    Kristina Forrest

    Kristina creates fun, colorful surface designs in a modern and playful style. She loves to work with small brands to create bespoke designs with a difference.

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    Nigel Atkinson

    Nigel Atkinson has been creating luxurious, innovative and individual fabrics since 1986, initially for fashion clients such as Azzedine Alaia and Romeo Gigli and more recently for interior design and architectural practices to discerning private clients. His design approach fuses historical references with technical innovation and an unconventional approach to the crafts of screen printing and hand embroidery.

  23. Kate Frances

    Kate Frances

    Kate Frances is a freelance surface pattern designer and illustrator, based in the North West of England. Her style is characterized by hand-drawn elements, which make her designs characterful, with a sense of whimsy and playfulness. Particularly suited to the baby and children's markets, Kate is adaptable across markets, and works in a range of mediums, both analog and digital.

  24. Kat Campbell

    Kat Campbell

    Kat Campbell is a surface pattern designer based in London, UK and founder of Kattern Design. Creating designs for fabric, women's accessories, homeware and stationery, her hope is to bring something unique and inspiring into your home. Her work is imaginative, bold and modern and she enjoys creating artwork by hand, whether drawn or painted, before working digitally to keep an organic and imperfect feel. Her work is inspired by her love of all things botanical, wanderlust, folk art and mid-century design.

  25. Jupiter 10

    Jupiter 10

    A British design studio founded by Basso & Christopher Brooke, producing fresh, bold, innovative and beautiful wallcoverings & fabrics.

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    Ella Doran

    British Iconic designer Ella Doran is a famous furnishing designer and surface design company encompassing homewares design, textile design and home furnishing design