Textile Designers in the United Kingdom

  1. Emily Burningham

    Emily Burningham

    The Emily Burningham studio designs and produces UK made home textiles and wallpaper collections. Emily's work is known for sophisticated pattern design that explores the relationship between distinctly different eras of art and design.

  2. Molly Williams

    Molly Williams

    Molly is a freelance textile artist and pattern designer specializing in Ottoman and cultural pattern designs for bespoke, artisan textiles and a wide range of products.

  3. Emma Neuberg

    Emma Neuberg

    Acclaimed London-based textiles artist. Emma's work exists in the intersection between commercial textiles and fine art, focusing on the role of geometric form, abstraction and pattern and the perceptual and spatial effects of these on fabric, paper and screen.

  4. blank

    Jessica Hogarth

    Jessica Hogarth works as a freelance designer working with companies internationally. She also has a range of products, for sale either directly online or on a wholesale basis.

  5. Jacky Puzey

    Jacky Puzey

    Jacky Puzey Embroidery specialises in digital embroidery commissions for fashion, tailoring and interiors. She has developed a highly skilled and artisan approach to her use of digital multi-thread embroidery machines, enabling her to incorporate a rich palette of colour, unique material combinations and found treasures into her work. This enables Jacky to provide a unique and bespoke collaborative design experience to all of her clients.

  6. Line Nilsen

    Line Nilsen

    Line Nilsen is a textile designer with a wealth of experience from working in fashion and interiors. She specializes in woven textiles, working as a freelance designer and on her own brand of bespoke commission work. Line's work is contemporary and sophisticated, and her portfolio shows a great range of designs and disciplines.

  7. Angie Parker

    Angie Parker

    Angie Parker is an award winning weaver of rugs and exquisite, vibrant textiles derived from traditional Scandinavian rug weaving techniques.

  8. Aimee Kent

    Aimee Kent

    Aimee Kent is a creative designer focusing on sustainable textiles and fashion. Aimee's abstract drawings and mark-making techniques, paired with her African heritage, produce eye-catching prints with a quirky, very distinct, almost 'tribal' aesthetic. Her signature designs are inspired by travel, 1950's - 1980's art and design, foreign architecture, and pattern discovered in her everyday surroundings.

  9. Gabi Bolton

    Gabi Bolton

    Gabi Bolton is an English artist and designer, creating works in textiles and wallpaper. Originally trained in printed textiles, Gabi works in a variety of disciplines, and applies her skills to textiles, interiors and landscape design.

  10. Kat Campbell

    Kat Campbell

    Kat Campbell is a surface pattern designer based in London, UK and founder of Kattern Design. Creating designs for fabric, women's accessories, homeware and stationery, her hope is to bring something unique and inspiring into your home. Her work is imaginative, bold and modern and she enjoys creating artwork by hand, whether drawn or painted, before working digitally to keep an organic and imperfect feel. Her work is inspired by her love of all things botanical, wanderlust, folk art and mid-century design.

  11. Kate Frances

    Kate Frances

    Kate Frances is a freelance surface pattern designer and illustrator, based in the North West of England. Her style is characterized by hand-drawn elements, which make her designs characterful, with a sense of whimsy and playfulness. Particularly suited to the baby and children's markets, Kate is adaptable across markets, and works in a range of mediums, both analog and digital.

  12. Jupiter 10

    Jupiter 10

    A British design studio founded by Basso & Christopher Brooke, producing fresh, bold, innovative and beautiful wallcoverings & fabrics.