Web Resources in Australia

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    Indesign Live

    Indesign Live is your ready reference to the latest design news from Australia and around the world. Updated daily, Indesign Live features international and local news, profiles, people and events.

    Category Interior Design Ezines

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    KE-ZU Blog

    KE-ZU Blog is intended as an up-to-date, as it happens reference point for matters of design, general creativity, our industry developments, your feedback and a general design news source.

    Category Design Blogs

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    The Design Writer

    The Design Writer is a blog that celebrates the ideas behind design. It includes feature articles, design writing from around the web, and news and products from Sydney, Australia and the world.

    Category Design Blogs

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    See Hear Say

    This blog is a library of random links, images and videos for inspirations and ideas. See Hear Say covers any forms of art, design, photography, and music.

    Category Art Blogs

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    Australian Design Review

    Australian Design Review brings together Architectural Review Australia and (inside) Interior Design Review, representing the most comprehensive A&D presence online. ADR is a high-quality media-rich design resource, with a classic design and exceptional content, updated daily.

    Category Architecture Ezines