Design Firms in Brazil

  1. Casa Rex

    Casa Rex

    Casa Rex is an international highly awarded house of design, with offices in São Paulo and London. Headed up by Gustavo Piqueira, a multi-cultural team of about 50 people develops strategic designs for global consumer brands.

    Category Multidisciplinary Design Companies

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    Tatil Design

    Tatil Design is a communication company that uses design and branding as essential tools, with offices in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, and a team of more than 80 employees of varied professional expertise, knowledge and functions. We develop branding tools that help build strong brands and complete our deliveries with strategic intelligence.

    Category Communication Design Companies

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    O3 Design

    To O3, design is the final aesthetic manifestation that emerges from detailed researches, analysis and strategic thinking in the search of differentials that allow transforming commodities in unique goods desired by consumers.

    Category Package Design Companies

  4. Brandium


    Brandium is strategy, branding and design team that provides clarity of purpose and communication for business strategies. Our team is lean and structured to spearhead brand consultancy processes with our core group of partners to take a hands-on approach to each project. We 22 years of history and we have offices in Brazil and Portugal.

    Category Branding Design Companies

  5. Bloom Futures

    Bloom Futures

    At Bloom Futures we combine a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to work ahead in the future to base innovations. We currently integrate foresight with innovation and strategy with design, alongside a multitude of disciplines - including technology and applied engineering in our robust innovation toolkit.

    Category Industrial Design Consultancies