Design Firms in Canada

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  1. SurfaceID


    SurfaceID is a Montreal industrial design firm. Onsite or remotely, day or night, the designers and engineers at SurfaceID will accommodate and complement your in-house team.

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    GRC Architects

    Since 1985 we have been designing buildings and places for learning, for work, for living and for recreation. We also prepare development plans and design interiors, light fixtures and landscapes. To our wide variety of projects we bring a consistent enthusiasm for quality design.

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  3. CAElliott


    At CAElliott we provide contract based mechanical design and engineering services to our clients for their products and processes. Our extensive knowledge of materials and manufacturing methods coupled with our deep supplier network allow us to deliver both prototypes and small production runs with exceptional speed and economy.

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    architects Alliance

    At aA, our team of 70 architects, designers, planners and technologists provide the full spectrum of services, applied to a scope of practice that ranges from academic and institutional buildings to large-scale mixed-use developments.

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  5. STUFF


    STUFF (Studio for Transformative Urban Forms and Fields) is a design consultancy directed by Jae-Sung Chon which specializes developing ideative and generative design strategies and platforms for the 'living' and its 'environments.'

    Category Urban Design Consultancies

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    Tactix Gear Workshop

    Tactix Gear Workshop is a sports gear design firm. We develop products that innovate, outperform and impress. We provide streamlined product development services such as ideation, development and in-house prototyping.

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    BCK Design

    BCK Design is a Montreal based design studio specializing in architectural and furniture design. Our team proposes an integrated approch of design from inspiration to production. This diversity reflected in each project is not only led in terms of layout development; every architectural elements, would they be an object or a graphic element, are also carefully considered.

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    Gustavson Wylie Architects

    Gustavson Wylie Architects was established in 1994 through the merger of John E. Gustavson, Architect and G. D. Wylie Architect. This new company has over 25 years of architectural experience across Canada, with a large number of its' projects in the lower mainland of Vancouver.

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  9. LineBox Studio

    LineBox Studio

    LineBox is a fully licensed Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal based architectural firm that provides a fresh and progressive outlook on how people live, work and play in the architectural context.

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  10. Launch by Design

    Launch by Design

    An award-winning architecturally focused interior design firm based out of Toronto, Canada. The firm specializes in retail, hospitality, kids' and teens' environments. Launch by Design has also been internationally recognized as a world leader in providing dynamic designs for kids' and teens' clubs.

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  11. KPMB Architects

    KPMB Architects

    KPMB Architects is an award-winning, internationally recognized Canadian practice. It is notable for its unique hybrid form of architecture and practice, developed to respond to our multi-cultural, dynamically changing world.

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  12. HUB Design Studio

    HUB Design Studio

    HUB Design Studio is a Toronto based industrial design firm, creating brand-building products. Our collective of multidisciplinary talent bridge the gap between the creative world of industrial design and manufacturing, while delivering creative business and design solutions for our clients.

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  13. Cutler


    Cutler is an award-winning interior design, architecture & project management firm. We bring brands to life in commercial environments across Canada. Our goal for every project is to deliver memorable experiences that our clients and their customers love to spend time in. We're not just designers & architects. We are creative thinkers who are always seeking and exploring ideas that can improve our clients' business strategies.

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    Toboggan Design

    Founded in 1999, Toboggan is a Montreal based creative studio which designs and develops playful and mindful interactive experiences, environments and objects. From small innovative consumers products to large scale learning environments for children and their families, Toboggan focuses on innovation and quality. The Toboggan values new and creative approaches and believe in prototyping and testing early and throughout the design process.

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  15. Form3


    Form3 Design is an innovation and product development consultancy, established in 1997. We help companies to uncover needs, discover opportunities, and deliver solutions that are not only exciting but also commercially successful. A hands-on group of 10 industrial designers and mechanical engineers provide a comprehensive and targeted service for manufacturers.

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  16. DTAH


    DTAH is an award winning architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design firm based in Toronto. We are committed to design with a conscience and care about undertaking work that is socially inclusive and relevant, and that contributes to the betterment of our cities and communities.

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    GEC Architecture

    GEC Architecture is a 60 person firm of architects, interior designers, technologists, and planners with offices in Edmonton and Calgary. Since our founding in 1966, we have developed a reputation for designing innovative buildings that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of their users. We believe in architecture that elevates, enhances, and sustains. We don't believe in rigid design principles or following current styles. We offer a consultative approach that is driven by open dialogue, thorough analysis, and innovative thinking. Experience has taught us this is the best way to deliver architecture that inspires people, respects context, and brings our clients' vision to life.

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    Exhibit Solutions

    Exhibit Solutions was founded on the values of delivering exceptional customer service and quality products. In addition to providing the services you expect from a full-service exhibit house, we offer custom designed rental solutions for shows in Canada and Internationally.

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  19. Pizzale Design

    Pizzale Design

    Pizzale Design is a full-service residential and commercial design firm. We create liveable luxury for busy clients who care about design and value for a seamless renovation, a custom home and commercial projects.

    Category Interior Design Companies

  20. SGH Design Partners

    SGH Design Partners

    SGH Design Partners an interior design firm with offices in Toronto, Halifax, and Vancouver. The studio is based on innovative thinking, collaborative approaches supported by an open environment allowing creativity to reach its highest levels. All under one central umbrella, we are developing and building solutions with strong branded identities for our clients.

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    BmDodo Strategic Design

    BmDodo Strategic Design is an award winning, full service, strategic graphic design company. Through strategic thinking, research and critical analysis, we develop effective, tailored solutions and great return on investment for your organization.

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