Design Firms in China

  1. BonaudiDesign


    BonaudiDesign is an award-winning industrial design and manufacturing firm based in Shanghai, China. Since 2004, we offer a unique and fast-paced design solution for individuals, startups, and corporations from all over the world. We are the professionals you need to kickstart your new business idea.

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  2. 5 Star Plus

    5 Star Plus

    5 Star Plus Retail Design is an Austrian interior design company working from Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, Vienna and Urumqi. We provide branded design for retail stores, restaurants and pop-up stores, exhibition and event design, visual identity and graphic design, consulting and project management services to international luxury and retail brands wishing to expand or redefine their presence in the Chinese market.

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  3. hcreates


    hcreates is an interior design and consulting studio based in Shanghai, designing projects across China and increasingly across Asia since 2010. The practice works with like-minded clients to achieve spaces that are designed to enhance one's environment and leave people feeling stimulated and inspired.

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  4. XFORM


    XFORM is an industrial design firm working side by side with companies developing innovative products with an integrated approach. Design, Engineering and Marketing Services are fully integrated and directly related to each other. We provide a whole range of professional services: from concept development along with engineering and production, to web marketing strategies and branded communication.

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  5. Buro Ole Scheeren

    Buro Ole Scheeren

    Buro Ole Scheeren is an international architecture firm that applies critical thinking to a process that extends beyond the boundaries of conventional architectural production.

    Category Architecture Companies

  6. Design2Gather


    Design2Gather is an international product design company based in China, which provides manufacturers and retailers innovative and functional designs that are directly ready for mass production. We have established our own method to create product designs with value for the end-user.

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  7. blank

    Ask4Me Group

    Ask4Me Group is a Dutch Design Agency located in Guangzhou. In an international team we have developed products in China since 2006. We are specialized in concept development, CAD, sourcing, prototyping, casing design, design for assembly and matching our design concepts with the capabilities of Chinese suppliers and manufacturers.

    Category Industrial Design Companies

  8. Robarts Spaces

    Robarts Spaces

    Robarts Spaces is an architecture, interior design and engineering firm with offices in Beijing and Shanghai. Established in 1996, the company is built around a credentialed and diverse group of over 100 professionals, including interior designers, architects, project managers, engineers and materials experts.

    Category Architecture Companies

  9. Blank Group

    Blank Group

    Blank Group is a full-service strategic design consultancy creating total experiences. Delivering informed design for fast and tangible results: We inspire big companies and startups to stay nimble, shorten development timeline, and create something new. Our proven process helps our clients know what consumers really want and discover a successful path to sustainable business.

    Category Multidisciplinary Design Consultancies

  10. blank


    BEAMY is an award winning multi-disciplinary creative agency committed to creating meaningful brands and environments. Headquartered in Shanghai with studios in Singapore and New York, BEAMY is a team of international talents from different past lives: designers, brand managers, marketers and retail experts. We avoid pigeonholing ourselves as a design specialist in something, because we love mixing our versatile skills and working across disciplines such as print, digital, environments to create a truly holistic solution for our clients.

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  11. blank

    S.Point Design

    Established in 1997, s.point design has more than 12 years of rich experience in developing products for both international and Chinese markets. We bring to our clients an integration of user experience, industrial design, and mechanical engineering. This enables us to capture key user insights, translate these into great innovations, and deliver total product solutions.

    Category Industrial Design Consultancies

  12. blank


    Dassix is a multidisciplinary leading design firm, providing a wide range of solutions for interior design and architectural projects, with specialists in Healthcare and Medical facilities, Spa and Hotel conceptualization, and top branded interior designs.

    Category Interior Design Companies

  13. JungleFish


    JungleFish is an international product design & branding consultancy in Shanghai, focusing on China. With our multi-national team from China and abroad we support local and international clients in B2B and B2C design projects. In our branding practice, we translate business objectives into a market focused brand strategy. Based on that we create a meaningful, memorable and compelling visual identity. Our services include naming, communication design for web and print, as well as packaging design.

    Category Multidisciplinary Design Consultancies

  14. blank

    Studio Illumine

    Studio Illumine is an international team of lighting designers with a passion for light, architecture, product design and art. The design practice is officially founded in 2011 and based in Shanghai. Its team members are of varied design backgrounds and dedicated to bringing meaningful and imaginative lighting schemes into the built environment.

    Category Lighting Design Consultancies

  15. JU&KE


    Founded in Shenzhen, the silicon valley of hardware, by two european designers. Our studio has two objectives - to help chinese companies globalize through unique visual identity and innovative industrial design; and to help international companies localize their products for China.

    Futian, Shenzhen, Guangdong Sheng

    Category Industrial Design Consultancies

  16. anySCALE


    anySCALE has a reputation for strong corporate identity development and has become the design face for companies such as Soho China, BMW and Daimler.

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  17. blank

    CREA Group

    CREA is an architecture practice with German background and is registered in Hong Kong and Shanghai. As architects, designers, engineers and consultants, we partner with our clients to create outstanding projects throughout the world. Our work reflects an enduring commitment to sustainability and the belief that design is one of the most powerful strategic tools for securing lasting competitive advantage. Combining local expertise with global perspective we offer integrated design services within a single firm.

    Category Architecture Companies

  18. Beach Creative

    Beach Creative

    Based in Shanghai, our international team focusses on understanding the idea, the needs and desires before planning the optimal approach to realising your vision. As a multinational design team, we approach every project with global experience and it's our diversity that enables us to envision and evolve ideas into products that are consistently remarkable.

    Category Industrial Design Consultancies

  19. blank


    Sinoreach is a design agency with the aim to foster creative innovation for emerging information and communication technologies and advance their adoption through strategic investigation, visionary design and novel architectures. We work with some of the world's most innovative companies and technologies to envision future creative concepts and support the commercialization of new digital experiences in branding and marketing.

    Category Multidisciplinary Design Consultancies