Designers in Japan

  1. Yasuhide Yokoi

    Yasuhide Yokoi

    Yasuhide Yokoi is an industrial designer based in Tokyo, highly oriented to designing sweet spots between business, innovative technologies and user insights, sculpting them to the maximum of the potential.

    Category Industrial Designers

  2. Kodai Iwamoto

    Kodai Iwamoto

    Born in Kagoshima, Japan and now based in Tokyo, Kodai Iwamoto is a product designer with an interest in exploring the junction between traditional craft processes and mass-produced materials.

    Category Industrial Designers

  3. blank

    Paul Seymour

    Paul Seymour is a designer living in Tokyo, Japan, working in focus from print to identity design, motion graphics to user experience design (and any crossover inbetween); whether as sole designer, project member or creative director.

    Category Multidisciplinary Designers

  4. Satoru Kimura

    Satoru Kimura

    Satoru Kimura is an experienced graphic/web designer with business-minded views. He contributes to branding projects as a typography specialist - as a member of Association Typographique Internationale.

    Category Branding Designers