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  1. Arthur Kenzo

    Arthur Kenzo

    Arthur Kenzo is a senior Industrial Designer at Google. His skills include Industrial Design, Product Design, User Experience, and Project Management. His work focuses on creating meaningful product experiences that connect brands to the physical world. Originally from France, where he graduated from a Bachelor in Product Design, he received a Master in Advanced Studies in Industrial Design in Shanghai, where he worked for Hisense, one of the top multinational electronics manufacturer based in China. Arthur pursued his career in the United States, working for leading design consultancies such as Lunar and fuseproject, and now Google.

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    Nicholas Davidson

    Nicholas is an Art Director and Designer based in San Francisco, California. Nicholass ability to merge concept and design has allowed him to work with a wide range of clients and industries from bio-tech to fashion. He is currently accepting projects from agencies, design studios and direct clients. His clients include Herman-Miller, Coca-Cola, New York Times, John Varvatos, Kenneth Cole, Lesportsac, Bio-Rad Labs, West Elm, Le Tigre, Brown-Forman and numerous others.

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  3. Melody Hesaraky

    Melody Hesaraky

    Melody Hesaraky is a textile designer based in San Francisco. As a textile designer Melody strives to create atmosphere and magic through patterns and prints. Melody Hesaraky thinks of textile as a medium for her to communicate and share her experiences with audiences of different backgrounds. Within each collection, she uses textures and motifs to bring out and modulate the design. High-end fabrics, bold and fresh manipulations, constant and meticulous research go hand in hand with her ambition and will to create something new and modern.

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  4. Mihoko Miyata

    Mihoko Miyata

    Mihoko Miyata is an award-winning japanese art director and graphic designer based in New York. Focused on the beautiful, clean and modern design, she offers art direction, graphic design across print and digital format, and brand development combined with the environmental graphic design.

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  5. Pamela Parker

    Pamela Parker

    Pamela Parker is a New York based graphic designer with over a decade of experience in environmental graphics and narrative design. I work with commercial, academic and museum clients to develop strategies and deliver soup-to-nuts graphics across exhibitions, branding and websites.

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