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  1. Arthur Kenzo

    Arthur Kenzo

    Arthur is a French industrial designer based in San Francisco Bay Area, California. While he immerses himself in the local cultures wherever he lives, Arthur's sensibility for the subtle nuances of shapes and sounds inspire his design. His interest in textures is often reflected in his work. While his work focuses on creating meaningful product experiences that connect brands to the physical world, from consumer electronics to home goods, his design always keeps the balance between creativity and functionality, elegance and efficiency.

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  2. Melody Hesaraky

    Melody Hesaraky

    Melody Hesaraky is a textile designer based in San Francisco. As a textile designer Melody strives to create atmosphere and magic through patterns and prints. Melody Hesaraky thinks of textile as a medium for her to communicate and share her experiences with audiences of different backgrounds. Within each collection, she uses textures and motifs to bring out and modulate the design. High-end fabrics, bold and fresh manipulations, constant and meticulous research go hand in hand with her ambition and will to create something new and modern.

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  3. blank

    Joe Mattley

    Portfolio website for UK product designer Joe Mattley. Currently working for a research and development company in Sheffield, working on potentially market changing products. Previous experience includes working for a mechanical seal company in Rotherham. With more than 4 years experience in product design with strong engineering and product designer skills.

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  4. Mauricio Sanin

    Mauricio Sanin

    Mauricio Sanin is a freelance industrial designer based in Colombia. He loves designing modern looking furniture with a lot of style, interesting lighting fixtures, and other products you run across in everyday life that deserves to be more interesting.

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