Seymourpowell Gets Into Bed with Huntleigh Healthcare

Seymourpowell Gets Into Bed with Huntleigh Healthcare

Designers Seymourpowell have worked with Huntleigh Healthcare, world leaders in the design and manufacture of healthcare equipment, on the brand new Enterprise Electric Profiling Hospital Bed Range: a new range of beds with unique features designed to improve efficiency and reduce risks, for use in all acute care environments.

Now, after a highly successful series of shows across Europe, north and south America, the Middle East and the Far East, which have resulted in a sizeable number of orders, the beds have gone into full production mode and beds now being delivered to customers across the world.

"The design of the Enterprise beds has been based around several years of intensive research, in which the whole hospital environment was taken into consideration", said Geoff Cox, Group Managing Director of Huntleigh Healthcare. "In addition to the needs of patients and their direct carers, the requirements of engineers, porters and cleaning staff were also addressed. Risk management, ease of use and servicing were key factors in the development thought process."

The initial brief to Seymourpowell was to build on Huntleigh Healthcare's reputation for robust and reliable beds, by creating a new generation bed which incorporated more humanised and less harsh aesthetics, enabling the new beds to compete anywhere in the world.

Seymourpowell created a visually lighter and less cumbersome bed, based on an oval section tubular chassis and featuring blow mouldings (rather than the usual metal) for all safety sides and for the head and footboards, with hand cut-outs for easy grip and dismantling. The bed also converts with great ease into a chair position, with the safety sides able to pivot, so that they don't have to be removed, as is the norm, with the footplate going straight down.

Colours in the range are softer and fresher and there is more geometry to the styling, so that it can fit in anywhere - any ward anywhere in the world - moving away from a very engineered look, whilst creating a robust bed that is solid and reliable, with good ergonomics and more contemporary cues.

Patient controls are not "stuck on" but are an integral part of the bed's solid sides, allowing improved control for getting in and out of bed.

Key features of the new beds include:

Falls Prevention
The exceptionally low height of 30cm helps to reduce the risk of patient falls.

Pressure Area Care
The unique, patented Bio-Contour profiling system has been proven to give better pressure reduction than other profiling beds, helping to reduce the risk of pressure ulcer development.

Infection Control
The beds were designed with the aim of being the easiest in the world to clean and decontaminate.

Moving and Handling
The Enterprise beds are lightweight and very easy to manoevre. The safe working load of 250 kg caters for the majority of heavier patients without the need to source specialist.

Service / Engineering
Open accessibility means changes / maintenance can be carried out within a few minutes by one person.

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