Cities with Green Building Programs Have Increased More Than 400 Percent since 2003

Cities with Green Building Programs Have Increased More Than 400% since 2003

Since 2003 the number of cities with green building programs has risen from 22 to 92 for an increase of 418%.

In an effort to examine the eco-friendly initiatives of U.S. cities, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) commissioned a study of communities with populations of greater than 50,000 to spotlight the growth and effectiveness of green building policies.

The report, Local Leaders in Sustainability, analyzed 661 communities' best practices, strategies and trends, as well as provides recommendations for cities that are looking to implement green building programs.

"Sustainable design practices have the potential to transform the built environment from an energy intensive past towards a more energy efficient, green future," said Paul Mendelsohn, AIA vice president, Government and Community Relations.

"Technological advances now allow for the design of buildings that are efficient, modern, possess great aesthetics and are financially viable.

High premiums for green buildings are no longer the case as costs are coming more in line with traditional building practices."

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