MetaDesign Creates New Vision for SanDisk

MetaDesign Creates New Vision for SanDisk

Award-winning strategic design firm MetaDesign has collaborated with SanDisk Corporation, the inventor and the world's largest supplier of Flash storage cards to create a new brand identity for the company.

The new look of SanDisk reinforces its global leadership in supplying and manufacturing Flash memory, and its continuing commitment to developing Flash storage card products.

MetaDesign developed the brand strategy, positioning and identity system for SanDisk.

The new graphic identity is a dynamic expression of SanDisk, whose Flash memory products have helped to drive the exponential growth in sales of digital cameras, mobile phones, USB flash devices, digital audio/video players, and other digital consumer devices.

The new SanDisk identity aims to shift perceptions of SanDisk from being the world leader in Flash memory, to a genuine consumer electronics company.

The new logotype commands greater presence with increased legibility from packaging to extremely small sizes.

The new logotype was re-drawn, dropping the original sun/flash mark, yet alluding to its heritage with a parallelogram-shaped dot above the "i" in the logotype.

The result is an identity that reproduces well at microscopic sizes, including silk-screening onto ultra small memory chips, and is more uniform and streamlined.

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