Eddy Sykes - Growing Structures

Eddy Sykes: Growing Structures

Growth of a topographic surface pushes and folds to the tides of forces above and below. ChersonProm Principal Eddy Sykes' Growing Structures for Materials & Applications is a site/environmental specific installation using the relationship between the natural and mechanical notions of landscape, from the simultaneous development of one informing and training the other. The fusion of natural and man-made elements into a carefully thought out practical application allows viewers to re-evaluate advanced systems of design for a more holistic purpose.

This multi-system consists of a self-articulating, undulating landscape that utilizes hydrodynamics, motors, and growth patterns to constantly redefine a vegetative matte and its required substrate, a flexible platform system, and a fresh water reservoir. Aided by a hingemounted motor, each octagonal palette expands and contracts much like an origami fortune teller. The opened shape will be a beautiful three-dimensional grass floret. The landscape coexists with and occasionally feeds off an artificial cumulonimbus cloud, which roams the space via a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) suspension system. This cloud is fabricated from a bent aluminum sheet with thousands of tiny perforations on its underside. The two kinetic components will interact closely with one another and their viewers.

ChersonProm is a multidisciplinary 3D design firm founded in 2004 that specializes in the development and manufacture of kinetic architectural systems. Founder Eddy Sykes is a sculptor and architect who has engaged in a wide spectrum of esoteric engineering problems. This ranges from kinetic architectural systems for high-speed rail in China, to consultation work on Blast-Rated doors, and his current work in experimental architecture.

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