A Whole Slew of Awards for Dragon Rouge Creations

A Whole Slew of Awards for Dragon Rouge Creations

Dizzy (Yoplait's latest soft-drink creation), the new eco-friendly Valvert bottle, and the Carte Noire "splendides" range have all been awarded prizes by the LSA weekly magazine with, respectively, an Oscar for Innovation (ultra-fresh category) and an Oscar for Packaging (Beverages), an Oscar for Packaging in a general public product environment and, lastly, a Bronze Pentaward in the food category.

These four awards represent a crowning accolade for the innovative approach adopted by these brands in close collaboration with Dragon Rouge. Dizzy, for instance, a sparkling, refreshing milk-based drink first launched in the fresh food section of supermarkets in October earlier this year, is the result of work carried out by Yoplait and the Agency on the basis of a new innovation methodology developed by Dragon Rouge. Dizzy - a soft drink aimed at young adults - is presented in a style of packaging and brand universe that adopts a polysensory, psychedelic decor to distinguish the drink from its competitors and to impose itself in an extremely crowded market segment.

Valvert, a natural, eco-friendly mineral water, now actively expresses the ecological values of the brand in a powerful and convincing manner, based on:
- A new graphic presentation that draws consumers towards a wild and mysterious natural environment,
- The eco-friendly approach adopted by the brand explained on the backs of seven different labels, printed using plant-based inks,
- A new bottle shape using recycled plastic.

As far as Carte Noire is concerned - a brand that Dragon Rouge has been partnering for a great many years - the company is reasserting its front-ranking position in the market for ground Arabica coffee by expanding its offering with a range of products and a global brand universe that together underpin its unique, glamour-based approach.

These awards demonstrate that investing in innovation is an approach that, today, not only pays off handsomely but is also vitally important if a brand is to keep its message in the public eye and maintain a lead over its competition in a deteriorating economic environment. To a certain extent, these four awards also pay tribute to the work carried out by Dragon Rouge Nova and its teams considering that Dizzy and the Splendides range, above all, are the fruit of this new innovation methodology.

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