Gem Essence of Bulgari Designed by Dragon Rouge

Gem Essence of Bulgari Designed by Dragon Rouge

The Bulgari jewellery brand is extending the expertise it has developed in the luxury goods market to the world of cosmetics with the launch of Gem Essence, a range of skincare creams, and appoints Dragon Rouge to create its packaging.

A jeweller since 1884, Bulgari is one of the leading players in the luxury goods market and enjoys international recognition for the outstanding quality of its precious stones. Having established its reputation, above all, in the world of fine jewellery, the brand has gradually expanded the scope of its activities to watchmaking, accessories and fragrances and, more recently, to the world of luxury hotels and cosmetics.

With the launch of Gem Essence, Bulgari wants to create a revolutionary context: a premium range of skincare creams where the raw material itself is "precious" and allows the skin to retrieve its original youth and radiance.

Bulgari Gem Essence is a unique combination of four precious stones: sapphire, malachite, citrine and tourmaline.

The brand wants to assert its credibility in the cosmetics industry and confirm the sincerity of its promise. To achieve these objectives, the brand turned to Dragon Rouge for the creation of its packaging range.

To highlight this unique range and, simultaneously, to emphasize the credibility of its cosmetic properties, Dragon Rouge developed a solution around the notion of precious gems and their restorative properties, and created a box like a jewel in itself by focusing on the choice of materials (with the creation of a hologram effect) in order to express the lustre and sparkle of precious stones. The agency also created a colour common to all three product ranges: an iridescent pink with a mat effect to convey the voluptuous beauty of protected and revitalized skin.

In this way, the Bulgari Gem Essence range reflects the elegance and ultra-sophistication of the brand - faithful to its pedigree in the world of upmarket jewellery - while offering a real promise of radiant beauty.

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