Duffy and Partners New Brand Design for Jerky Snack Brands

Duffy & Partners New Brand Design for Jerky Snack Brands

Duffy & Partners announced a new campaign for Jerky Snack Brands' Pioneer beef jerky products. Duffy & Partners was selected for the Pioneer rebranding project because of its ability to identify the intangible aspects of a product, and mold them into a desired experience for the consumer.

Duffy & Partners took the disparate designs of all the Pioneer products and transformed them into one recognizable identity, which not only appeals to the stereotypical beef jerky-consuming kids and cowboys, but invites all types of jerky connoisseurs to favor Pioneer. The new identity exudes the striking attitude of Jerky Snack Brands, and strengthens its presence in the marketplace. Duffy & Partners created Pioneer's new primary identity, brand language and packaging.

"Duffy's design work has inspired newfound confidence in our brand. A little attitude; an understanding of how people communicate today; a sense of strength, that's what it boiled down to," said Jay Link, CEO of Jerky Brand Snacks, creator of Pioneer.

The latest, ultramodern look of Pioneer was inspired by the power of the bull and the strength of a soaring eagle. The word mark speaks the language of today's global culture, with a quick, fresh take on onomatopoeia - PNR - spelled just like it sounds.

"There is a huge opportunity to do great design for this market, primarily when working with a consumer favorite like Pioneer," added Joe Duffy, chairman and principal of Duffy & Partners. "Projects like these are perfect for us because the competition leaves us an expansive playing field to reach the consumer. Today's shoppers continue to demonstrate that design makes a difference in their buying habits. Their decisions to buy certain products and services are based on what they want to include in their daily lives. It's an experience for them, and that's what we want Pioneer to gain from this."

The newly branded packaging is now hitting stores, with continued rollout in the coming months. Consumers can currently find Pioneer in stores across the country, including local Rainbow Foods and Roundy's Supermarkets, Super One Food Stores, Ralph's Grocery Stores and Menard's, as well as Kwik Trip, Sheetz, Kum-n-Go and Plaid Pantry convenience stores.

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