Element by Fuego - Ammunition Designs New Fuego Outdoor Grill Product Line

Element by Fuego: Ammunition Designs New Fuego Outdoor Grill Product Line

A new outdoor grill, the Element by Fuego, has been launched by Fuego North America, the award-winning brand of high-end grills that has revolutionized outdoor entertaining.

Designed by Ammunition, Element by Fuego is a new family of smart, outdoor products for the mass market, available in May 2009.

The new outdoor grill line combines patented technology with sleek design and unsurpassed functionality.

Following on the heels of the launch of its predecessor, the award-winning Fuego 01 outdoor grill product line, the Element continues Fuego's explorations into the outdoor grill as social hub.

Designed by Robert Brunner, partner at Ammunition, the Element is an affordable, gas-powered grill that extends the design language of the Fuego premise into a more mainstream product family.

Simple, iconic in form and highly detailed, it features a high-powered dual-zone cooking system and four-different cook top options.

The Element uses a selection of cast iron grilling surfaces, and offers multiple colors and finishes in a clean profile and compact footprint.

"The Element is part of our ongoing approach to redefine outdoor living in terms of style and function," says Ammunition Partner Robert Brunner.

"We wanted to make the Fuego brand accessible and affordable to all, and create something really very special in the process."


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