TheAlloy Helps Bring Beacons for Innovation to the Creative Industries

TheAlloy Helps Bring Beacons for Innovation to the Creative Industries

Leading design consultancy TheAlloy today announced that it is working with the Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network to help the creative industries share information and shape a future vision of how customers will experience content and how content will be distributed in the future digital marketplace.

The Creative Industries KTN Beacons for Innovation programme will ensure the UK's creative industries continue to innovate and retain their powerful economic position on the global stage. Creative Industries KTN has created 14 Beacon projects to enable the creative industries to share knowledge and better equip itself for success in the future. TheAlloy has been tasked by the KTN to run the first two of these projects: Future Digital Content Experiences and Future Digital Content Distribution. The first consultation with industry has been launched, canvassing a wide range of views on current and future opportunities for digital content. The survey can be accessed via the KTN social network.

TheAlloy will be working in partnership with the KTN to develop a social network through which members of the UK creative industries can create partnerships, share knowledge, are consulted on and discuss key issues, enabling them to have the right information and tools with which to innovate, develop and grow business in the digital content age. The project will involve extensive consultation across the industry with a varied programme of individual and online consultations, workshops and events - the outcomes of which will define both visions and plans for a digital content future.

"We have seen only a fraction of the impact that digital technologies will have on the creative industries to date. From copyright issues to new forms of distribution, from user generated content to technology standards, there is a bewildering array of considerations that the UK creative industry must address to remain at the forefront of the economy in the future," said John Cass, KTN Director. "The first two Beacon projects will provide the industry with the opportunity to face these issues together, and to provide a place where shared knowledge can drive innovation and future prosperity."

"Working with the Creative Industries KTN to facilitate these two Beacons projects is one of the most important roles we have taken on," commented Nina Warburton, Chairman of TheAlloy. "By applying design thinking and principals, we believe that we can really get to the bottom of what will drive innovation in the creative industries and deliver a richer environment in which they can shape their future."

The first two Beacon projects on which TheAlloy is working will run until March 2010. As well as creating a vibrant and lively online environment in which the creative industries can understand more about future technologies, TheAlloy will continually report on the progress and findings of the project, before creating a final report that will help the industry to identify profitable opportunities in digital content for the future.


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