Christmas - Not Again!

Christmas: Not Again!

Construct are clearly dreaming of a Black Christmas - with a touch of gold.

The hand printed, letterpress, limited edition posters they have created to "celebrate" the season disrupt the banality of the usual seasonal offerings to give a sense of wit and perspective.

Beautifully crafted, thought provoking and challenging, the posters have been letter press printed using original wood block type, finished with a litho foiled star.

Each of the posters has been hand numbered and blind embossed by the studio and they will be delivered packaged in a triangular cardboard poster "tube".

Construct, who's previous offerings have included an anagram of Christmas that re-evaluates the season's obsession with shopping as "misc. trash," clearly have a love hate relationship with the season.

Construct hopes the striking posters will encourage some recipients to put them up and reconsider the need to cut down a real tree!


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