Construct Newspaper Wins Three Awards in One

Construct Newspaper Wins Three Awards in One

An exclusive newspaper series designed for three luxury hotels by London graphic design boutique Construct was voted overall winner at the Antalis McNaughton Review Design Awards 2010. The Maybourne Papers also won the "Services Brochure" and "Recycled Papers" categories. The Review Awards were presented at a ceremony in Salzburg, Austria on March 11, 2011.

The judges described the Maybourne Papers as "Original and witty, editorial, restrained and subtle approach to the subject matter. Beautifully crafted typography, considered and brave production, predominantly one colour which the stock complemented."

Through text, images and overall design, Construct have given the quarterly Papers a distinct tone that reflects the personality of each hotel, along with shared design elements that quietly reinforce their mutual ownership by Maybourne Hotel Group. Construct also direct the editorial content of the Papers.

The three publications conform to Construct's self-imposed production restrictions, enjoying the economy of print and format and a subtle connection in material, format and restrictions across all three titles. In each exquisite typographic and production craft contrast with a raw recycled paper creating a tactile, provocative and responsible result. All are produced in a mini tabloid format.

The Papers are printed by Westerham Press and F S Moores, with a quality of finish that is exceptional, expertly executed in accordance with Construct's desire to contrast rough with smooth, refinement with practicality.

"The Maybourne Papers reflect the strong relationship we have with our guests and our understanding of their expectations," said Mike Bonner, Maybourne's Group Marketing Director. "The subtle but effective way that the Papers respond to the different personalities of our hotels, and speak to the people who stay there, is a tremendous achievement made possible by Construct's clear grasp of the brand values that make our portfolio timeless yet relevant."