CHALK - Designed by Aruliden for PUMA

CHALK: Designed by Aruliden for PUMA

Aruliden has partnered with PUMA to introduce desirable objects for the beloved sport of ping pong and the after hours athlete. CHALK, designed and developed by aruliden for PUMA redefines table tennis with a chalkboard surface, encouraging players and spectators to leave their mark in new ways. Jot down the score, claim the next game, or sketch what's on your mind.

aruliden took the conventional ping pong table and invigorated it with a substantial and angular form, durable materials and a nod to the social aspects of the game. Each table is made by hand, with details like a steel chain-link net and a ceramic chalk surface; introducing street elements to a sport often played in basements or a neighbors' garage. The angled black ash wood legs add polish and sophistication while the compartment can stash your most adored objects or beverage of choice. These materials and design considerations, combined with the overall graphic impact of the table, enhance an iconic element of a game often overlooked and undervalued.

Bringing back the social aspect of sports, CHALK captures a different type of athlete: The After Hours Athlete. CHALK becomes the central hub of any environment, its presence provoking interaction.


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