Aruliden Launches Product Collection with The Museum of Modern Art

Aruliden Launches Product Collection with The Museum of Modern Art

Aruliden has launched a new product collection created in collaboration with The Museum of Modern Art. The four products in Aruliden's first line for MoMA bring design into the everyday and range from writable graphite towers that pay tribute to iconic New York City buildings to a playful cone-shaped ice cream scoop. Colorful coasters that can be arranged into tabletop sculptures that play with light, color and shadow and a series of watches that offer a mesmerizing mix of color play and theory round out the collection.

Lily Pad Coasters

For a creative cocktail hour: Designed to be built into various configurations, these coasters invite you to play with light, shadow, shape and color. Build mini sculptures, overlap and combine to create new color combinations.

Dip Ice Cream Scoop

Get the real scoop with this playful design that resembles an ice cream cone. Its tapered shape allows for easy handling while scooping and the casted aluminum alloy doesn't conduct heat or cold, for comfort.

Graphite One World Trade Center, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building

Pay homage to famous New York City skyscrapers with these architectural models. Carved from graphite, these collectibles can be displayed or used as drawing tools.

Blend Watches

Tell time with a mesmerizing mix of color play and theory. As the transparent, colored discs revolve, the intersection of primary colors reveals the time. Black IP stainless-steel case, leather band and Miyota Quartz movement.

Photography: Aruliden


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