Jamboard - The Whiteboard, Reimagined for Collaboration in the Cloud

Jamboard: The Whiteboard, Reimagined for Collaboration in the Cloud

With all the technological advances that make it easy for a global workforce to stay connected, there is still no seamless way to brainstorm across teams or offices. To solve this, Google commissioned aruliden to help design a fully integrated, hardware and software solution, a product that inspires creativity yet is adaptable to a variety of environments.

Today, together with Google's TJ Varghese, aruliden unveiled Jamboard, an innovative creative collaboration whiteboard designed for today's dynamic workplace. Jamboard brings all the familiarity of collaborating on a whiteboard to an increasingly remote workforce. With Jamboard, teams can jot down ideas, sketch out plans or frame up an idea in seconds, and collaborate in real-time with co-workers across the globe.

The magic in Jamboard is that it brings human touch to a digital experience. The gestural cues that Jamboard integrates allows users to interact with the product just as they would with a whiteboard; the interface does not detract from the creative experience as some technology can, but instead enhances it. Draw with a stylus, erase with your hand, move images with a swipe. The hardware is thoughtfully designed for the space that it lives in and the functionality it offers, offering a sleek aesthetic that fits easily in any workspace.

To complement the Jamboard are familiar instruments that break down the barrier of technology, such as a digital eraser that behaves like an analog one, as well as a stylus with a form factor inspired by daily tools, making the product more accessible and usable by all.

Jamboard is an exciting new way to bridge the gap between analog and digital for the creative industries. There's a friendly, approachable design that speaks to both the Google brand and the creative process, which makes it accessible and easy to use. Jamboard marries all the magic from G Suite into a physical hardware solution, built to let teams foster creativity and brainstorm freely.