Mixtape Club's Newest Google Search Story

Mixtape Club's Newest Google Search Story

Mixtape Club continues its successful Google Search Stories campaign with the launch of a new playful and whimsical spot for Toy Story 3. In collaboration with Google Creative Lab and Disney/Pixar, Mixtape Club has brought to life the lovable characters of Toy Story in a mini-adventure using the Google search engine. Seen through the eyes of the toys themselves, Mixtape brought the camera away from the screen and built it into a first-person POV. The viewer feels as if they too are one of the toys looking up and awed by the magnitude of the computer screen. And as the characters discover their presence online, a raucous adventure through the search engine ensues.

To accompany Mixtape Club's picture, Huma-Huma arranged the Toy Story theme for piano and incorporated custom sound design and the Toy Story voice-overs to marry the magical world of Toy Story and Pixar with the searchable world of Google. The end result is an authentic cinematic experience with the Google interface.

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