Mudpie Releases the First Trendbooks for the Spring Summer 2012 Season

Mudpie Releases the First Trendbooks for the Spring Summer 2012 Season

Mudpie announced the release of mpd active and mpd print & pattern for the Spring Summer 2012 Season. The second edition of Mudpie's mpd active trendbook is an amazing new collection of performance apparel trends aimed at the male and female commercial active sportswear market for the spring/summer 2012 season. mpd active provides hundreds of inspirational and practical garment shapes, graphics, badges, logos and coordinated accessories and footwear, along with supporting trend information and Pantone referenced colour palettes.

The newest edition of Mudpie's mpd print & pattern trendbook provides an inspirational collection of all over prints and patterns for the spring/summer 2012 season, designed not only with apparel markets in mind, this book has a variety of pages containing designs that will also appeal to other markets such as stationery, home and interiors.

The trendbooks will be available both in hard copy and online formats - making it easier to access information within an organisation or while on the move.

The books are accompanied by a DVD which includes all original designs contained in the publication. The editable files can be opened in the appropriate software packages on both MAC and PC and then restyled and recoloured to create your own ranges, prints and graphics.


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