Mudpie Unveils Latest Editions of Trend Books for Autumn Winter 2012 2013

Mudpie Unveils Latest Editions of Trend Books for Autumn Winter 2012 2013

The latest editions of Mudpie's four Trend books for Menswear, Womenswear, Kidswear and Babies reveal the overarching theme "Nations Rising" for AW 12/13. These four titles: MPD Casual & Street, MPD Contemporary & Casual, MPD Kids and MPD Baby, join previously released (January) MPD Print & Pattern and MPD Active and explore the influences, consumer insight and colour for the future textile, apparel, interior and surface decoration industry. A/W12/13 is inspired by nations and cultures at the forefront of creativity, innovation and sustainability.

"Nations Rising" is a season of cultural remix, technological development and sustainable luxury and is composed of three themes Remix, Synthesise and Myriad.

Remix explores an Africa meets Asia aesthetic. The trend is inspired by the "New Silk Road," a railway to be built by China to join Asia, Europe and Africa. This trend discovers the creative potential of the trading partnership between China and Africa which are both renowned for creative legacy and time honoured aesthetics. Remix provides an energetic blend of inspirations, cue a vivid fusion of graphic inspired prints with decorative and bold visuals that combine saturated colours and tribal designs integral to African design combined with the delicate and refined lines of Chinese style. Colour mixes vibrant tones with earthy rustic elements and exotic highlights.

This is a future trend influenced by cutting-edge technology, creativity and innovation of South Korea. Digital retail facades, augmented reality, data symbols and 3D imagery all inform the aesthetics. Disturbance effects, hyper-reality, layering and fragmented digital patterns and textile prints are inspired by surveillance cameras. Print, pattern and surface decoration sits on a backdrop of performative fabric and synthetic fabrications. Fabrics with high gloss finishes, prints applied with high gel or metallic inks will be key for creating a tech feel to garments. Colour is digital bright, high-tech and synthetic.

Myriad takes inspiration from the rise of sustainability, creativity and culture in the Middle East. The concept of Luxury is redefined for contemporary times; eradicating the ostentatious and replacing with innovative design. Myriad combines the values of Luxury and sustainability with a strong sense of Arabic tradition. An inspiration for this trend is the Norman Foster Designed eco-city of Masdar based near Abu Dhabi and its combination of sustainability and Arabian aesthetic. Myriad promotes the sustainable luxury lifestyle as an aspirational aesthetic while keeping in mind the need for luxury. Heritage sports are based on outdoor and equestrian lifestyles while wellbeing activities based on yoga and ballet call on nature to provide fluid luxury in sustainable fabrics. Silhouette is inspired by comfort and fluidity. Colour is refined, classic and neutral with jewel coloured highlights.

"All Mudpie Trend books sell successfully into many disparate countries worldwide and increasingly outside of the apparel and interiors sectors," said Fiona Jenvey, Mudpie CEO. "We believe the success is due to the combination of Trends, creative design and consumer insight which make our services a strategic part of the product development process and not just a creative one. An interesting market segment for us last year is the client base we have built up in the personal care and cosmetics industry with companies like P&G and their suppliers. The packaging of beauty and personal care products accounts for over 52% of total retail packaging much of which uses elements of print and pattern. It is also key for these companies to be in step with the colours, and trends used by the fashion industry."