MPDVision Issue 03 - Autumn and Winter 14/15

MPDVision Issue 03: Autumn & Winter 14/15

Mudpie has recently released the third edition of MPDVision magazine for the Autumn & Winter 14/15 season. The issue includes an exclusive interview with Alain Vonck, an innovative graphic designer who is leading the creative movements outlined in their AW14/15 trend Digi-Punk. Other features include emerging street fashion trends from online subcultures, forward-thinking consumer insight reports as well as directional colour and fabric inspiration for AW14/15.

MPDVision also provide you with informative and inspirational articles on fashion, art, graphics and prints, textiles, colour and lifestyle through a collaboration of the creative and editorial teams at Mudpie.

In addition, MPDVision includes trend research and directional graphic, print and garment designs alongside inspirational references to social, economic and artistic influences which have been key to the development of Mudpie's AW14/15 trends:

Future Tribes: The very real threat of natural and nuclear disaster is juxtaposed with fantasy landscapes where a colourful warrior tribe ignites a super-changed spirit.

Parallel Worlds: A hyper-connected world evokes a new state of consciousness where both retro and contemporary space ideals inspire aesthetic direction.

Digi-Punk: Nostalgia for 1990's internet kitsch sees the return of animated gifs and net art while the emergence of Tumblr-born subcultures dictates new fashion styling.

"The financial, cultural, religious and environmental crisis we have found ourselves in, may at its root, be a crisis of consciousness that can only be solved from a higher level of awareness," commented Fiona Jenvey, Mudpie CEO. "The parallel world of conscious thinking and capitalism may well emerge as the paradigm that defines the values of the 21st century for retailers and brands. The signs have been there since the 1960s and ideas of universal love. Last year's discovery of the Higgs Bosun (so called God particle) showed that more than ever mankind is looking for our purpose of being, in the this universe, on this strange place we call earth."


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