New Beats by Dre BeatBox - Designed by Ammunition

New Beats by Dre BeatBox: Designed by Ammunition

The successful partnership between Ammunition, Beats by Dr. Dre, and Monster Cable that has generated products such as the Beats Studio, Solo, and Heartbeats by Lady Gaga headphones, has created a striking new iPod/iPhone dock dubbed Beatbox. A fusion of stunning design and superior audio performance, Beatbox at once recreates the traditional portable audio experience and redefines the current iPod/iPhone dock market.

Ever present in the emerging music scenes of the 1970's and 80's, the traditional boombox gave artists and enthusiasts a simple and powerful method for broadcasting music outside the home or studio. Beatbox builds on that tradition with updated audio components and a form that redefines the iPod dock. As with every Beats product, hip hop icon Dr. Dre, in collaboration with Beats co-founder and Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman Jimmy Iovine and Head Monster Noel Lee, has tuned Beatbox, incorporating his personal sound profile to meet the demands of a wide range of today's musical styles. Beatbox creates rich, room-filling sound highlighted by powerful bass, has rugged ABS housing in a subtle black-on-black color scheme, and features an ergonomically designed handle for effortless portability.

"Beatbox is our take on the old-school boombox, we've revised it with new audio technology and a decidedly modern aesthetic," said Ammunition Founder and renowned Industrial Designer Robert Brunner. "We took Dre's and Jimmy's passion for audio fidelity and artistic expression, and fused it with our design ideals and redefined tradition in this space."

Prolific in its first two years, the collaboration between Brunner, Dr. Dre, Iovine and Monster promises more for consumers. "There is no question that this partnership will allow us to continue to push the envelope of design and technology to create even more fantastic artist-driven audio products," added Brunner.

The Ammunition/Beats by Dr. Dre collaboration is unprecedented in the design and music industries and hinges on Ammunition's role as both designer and entrepreneur. This exclusive relationship continues to drive change in the design industry by serving as a viable model for how designers can play a more active and ongoing role. With the Ammunition model, all parties share risks and rewards, and design is placed equal or above, other key business functions in driving a product to market.


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