Valerie Confections and Commune Design Partner to Create Commune Chocolates

Valerie Confections & Commune Design Partner to Create Commune Chocolates

Commune Chocolates is a series of limited edition chocolate collaborations, created jointly by preeminent Los Angeles design collective Commune and artisan chocolatier Valerie Confections.

The premiere gift box is presented in a limited edition of 1,000 boxes.

The collaboration evolved from a mutual admiration, and the result is in an innovative, not to mention delicious, union between the two distinct companies.

"As a company, we always seek to collaborate with other small businesses that push boundaries and take our products in exciting new directions," said Valerie Confections CEO Valerie Gordon, on the partnership.

Valerie Confections and Commune Design worked together to create a product that incorporates their love for chocolate, design, architecture and material.

The design of the chocolates was inspired by Byzantine tiles, arranged in the box to form interesting, repeated patterns; both in color and the negative space associated with the chocolate itself.

The packaging, a simple cardboard box finished with a beautiful, oversized sticker, is in keeping with the aesthetic of Commune, who often utilize raw or unconventional materials, and present them in an elegant manner.

The Commune Chocolate box contains 49 skillfully designed dark chocolate squares, laid out in a 7 by 7 pattern.

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