DMI Design/Management Europe 15

DMI Design/Management Europe 15

Design has played an important value role in the events, services, and products of 2010. 2011 promises to cast a brighter light on how Design intersects and inspires business success.

Taking design thinking to the next level for both designers and executives - DMI presents "The Value of Design, re-Inspired," May 18-19, 2011 in Amsterdam.

Design/Management Europe 15 will be co-chaired by Fennemiek Gommer, Partner, Caracta business direction, and Tim Selders, Director, PARK.

Every day we discover new and interesting ways of using design to create value for business and society-from our traditional remit of designing identities, packaging, and products, to creating interactions and experiences, and more recently, supporting social and business innovation with business design.

One of our greatest challenges is sharing our growing knowledge with colleagues from different disciplines and showing how design can make a difference to what they do.

For two days, they will discuss this evolving value, and ways to promote it throughout organizations.

During interactive sessions and breakouts, you'll be exposed to and involved in the latest thinking on how design delivers value, and gain insight on how to inspire and persuade others to explore what it can bring them.

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