Monkmus Directs New Live Action and Animation Spot for PSP

Monkmus Directs New Live Action and Animation Spot for PSP

Proving that opposable thumbs are just minor details when it comes to handheld fun, Hornet once again teams up with Sony PSP via TBWA/Chiat Day to create "Goose," the latest spot in the entertaining campaign. The spot began airing earlier this week.

This time, Monkmus integrates live action with the simple, black-and-white, smudged charcoal aesthetic of PSP's previous campaign. The spot presents the more functional purposes of the portable gaming system: a vehicle to combat boredom on long flights...or walks, or any other activity that might require a trip outside.

Venturing beyond the realm of game addicts, the campaign reinforces the console's travel-friendly form while appealing to a less sunlight-deprived demographic - the goose!

Now a familiar character in PSP spots, the scraggly dustball returns to spread the gospels of the Playstation Portable, this time extending his reach beyond game-addicted inanimate objects and into the world of animals. "Goose" features the rowdy lint clot offering a Goose a PSP in place of breadcrumbs. Introducing the winged-creature to the portable, the animal quacks his interest, as well as other sentiments, in a language translated into English for those less familiar with duck-speak.

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