Baltika Cooler Becomes Even Cooler

Baltika Cooler Becomes Even Cooler

Cartils was asked to develop a new glass bottle and label design to support Baltika Cooler's leading position in the transparent segment of the Russian beer market. The new design had to emphasize the brand's innovative character through a modern, dynamic and stylish Cooler look. Furthermore, the beer's new visual identity had to communicate its premium qualities and refreshing taste, while being used as a tool to strengthen the current shelf impact.

The new Baltika Cooler design combines a modern and premium bottle silhouette with a large embossed crest which brings across a dynamic and contemporary feeling. The revolutionary design approach confirms the innovative character of the brand. The evident embossing is balanced with the new bold, metallic blue Cooler logo which is both impactful and distinguishing. White elements in the label design communicate freshness while red accents add impact.

The young and innovative positioning of the Baltika Cooler brand was supported by the launch of a 0,5L can and a special Cooler Lime variant. Overall, the new Cooler design is unique and noteworthy, and addresses a young urban target group in a stylish manner.

Since its successful launch in 2006, Baltika Cooler, a new product development also designed by Cartils, became one of the largest brands on the Russian beer market.