Design in Action 2011

Design in Action 2011

The Association of Architecture Organizations (AAO) in conjunction with the Association for Community Design (ACD) will host its 2011 Design in Action Conference in Philadelphia on October 9-11, bringing together more than 200 architects, designers, cultural leaders, community organizers, and K-12 design educators in a 2.5-day exploration of the latest ideas in community design, outreach, and design education.

Design shapes communities on many levels, whether we are conscious of it or not. Everything we see, everything we touch in the built environment is a product of the design process. The participants at Design in Action work in the public arena to help demonstrate the power of these daily connections, and how design can strengthen communities, solve complex problems, and create uplifting spaces - whether their efforts be as practitioners shaping public spaces, revitalizing decayed urban areas, and other critical community developments, or as arts and culture professionals creating wide-reaching architecture tours, exhibitions, and educational programs for children and adults.

Among those slated to address the assembly or contribute to learning sessions are Alan Greenberger, Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, City of Philadelphia; 2011 Latrobe Prize winner David Perkes; education consultant David Ghoogasian; architecture critic and reporter Julie Iovine; and NEA Design Director Jason Schupbach. On Monday evening, October 10, Guatemalan-born architect Teddy Cruz, known for his inventive design work along the San Diego-Tijuana border, will present the conference keynote lecture, "Creative Acts of Citizenship," in a special public event at the Friends Center, 1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia.

"Design in Action is this special gathering of many diverse talents who are united in their belief that architecture is the essential building block of every vibrant community," said Lynn Osmond, President & CEO of the Chicago Architecture Foundation and Chair of the AAO Board of Directors. "Our local hosts in Philadelphia and our ACD colleagues have helped us plan a spectacular line-up of over 30 presentations, mobile tours, and hands-on workshops - some delegates will travel from continents away for the chance to network and learn from this great meeting of peers."

Local hosts for the conference include the Charter High School for Architecture + Design, the Philadelphia Center for Architecture, and the Center's two anchor tenants, AIA Philadelphia and the Community Design Collaborative, which is currently celebrating its 20th Anniversary.

"All year long the Community Design Collaborative has been hosting top flight programs, and we're delighted to welcome Design in Action as an important capstone event," said Beth Miller, Executive Director of the Community Design Collaborative. "Sharing our knowledge with others, and taking inspiration from innovators working elsewhere is a terrific way to keep the Collaborative moving ahead and bringing design excellence to neighborhoods across Philadelphia. AAO and ACD are both meaningful partners in making this professional exchange possible."

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