Cartils Creates Limited Edition for Iconic Vodka Brand Danzka

Cartils Creates Limited Edition for Iconic Vodka Brand Danzka

Cartils has developed a limited edition for DANZKA Vodka. The premium vodka brand's new bottle will be available to travel retail from October 2011 and underlines Cartils' track-record for creating effective special edition designs for the beverage sector.

Cartils was asked by DANZKA, owned by Belvedere Scandinavia, to reinforce the vodka brand's Danish roots with the new limited edition design. Cartils' design solution was a clean brand presentation that, combined with a high level of refinement, offers the brand a bold and premium feel. In acknowledgement of DANZKA's strong local heritage, the design concentrates on the image of the Danish flag, creating impact while expressing the brand's iconic Danish style.

Well-known for its aluminium packaging and minimalistic design approach, DANZKA has become an easily recognizable style icon among the Belvèdere portfolio of brands. Alongside its focus on visibility, heritage and stopping power, the brief for Cartils was to create a limited edition that would spark new interest around the brand as well as arouse curiosity and desire.

"DANZKA's aluminium bottle provided us with a unique and exciting canvas for this limited edition design. We approached the design work with focus on typical Scandinavian design values such as simplicity, minimalism and functionality, which we feel the DANZKA brand is an expression of. The result is a collectible limited edition that we believe will have strong consumer appeal in travel retail outlets across the globe," said Gaston van de Laar, Group Director of Services at Cartils.

Cartils' expertise within the alcoholic beverage segment has led the agency to work for international vodka brands such as Ketel One, which ranks among the top three imported vodkas in the United States. Other well-known brands in Cartils' portfolio include Winter Road, by the Russian distillery Cristal-Lefortovo, the Dutch vodka brand Royalty and the leading Polish vodka brand Wyborowa.

"Our specialization within the vodka sector has allowed us to work closely with influential brands within key vodka markets, including Russia. With DANZKA in our portfolio, we demonstrate our ability to translate vodka cues internationally and build a stronger foothold in the Nordic markets within the vodka belt, such as Finland, Sweden and Norway," added van de Laar.