Service Design for Business - Key Methods and Strategies for In-House Teams

Service Design for Business: Key Methods and Strategies for In-House Teams

Today, there is a major shift towards providing services, as even traditional product-based businesses are now offering a broad spectrum of innovative value-added services.

This seminar is aimed at helping organizations harness that innovation, using Service Design to tackle problems, identify possible futures, and develop services that increase engagement and truly connect with the customer.

Service Design for Business, to be held in London, 3-4 November, will help businesses embed a holistic Service Design approach, developing their internal capacity to assess the demand, offerings, and strategies required to deliver services across multiple touchpoints and channels over time.

The seminar will focus on developing the capacity to form the practical methods and strategies that can then be used to deliver great service experiences.

Through case studies and interactive sessions it will show how to employ customer-centric approaches to innovate services, from empathic techniques to uncover what customers want, to creative and collaborative methods to develop new service propositions.

Participants will learn how to recognize and develop the internal capacity to design customer-facing service propositions, and how to use Service Design techniques to build the characteristics of a customer focused business.

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