2012 Design Management Journal - Call for Papers

2012 Design Management Journal: Call for Papers

The 2012 issue of DMI's annual peer-reviewed publication, the Design Management Journal, will focus on Design Leadership. DMI is seeking submissions of a broad range of papers within this overarching theme.

Many public and private sector organizations are embracing design holistically and realizing new benefits in products, services and business innovations. But how is design being led; by executives, design managers, staff, external partners, or by consumers?

Where does formal and informal design leadership actually reside? What roles do CEOs and other business executives play? And in a networked world, what are the new organizational strategies for design functions? How has design thinking evolved within organizations, in relation to formal design departments?

What are effective ways to structure and source design in distributed and collaborative environments? And how has using design and design thinking strategically helped organizations achieve advantages in the marketplace?

DMI is looking for papers that contribute to theory building, provide examples of empirical research, or use case studies to illustrate how, when, and why design and design management practice contributes holistically in these areas.

Deadline for abstracts is January 15, 2012.

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