Design/Leadership Europe 16 Conference - Collective Design

Design/Leadership Europe 16 Conference: Collective Design

Collaboration is design's competitive advantage in today's world. Together with a laser focus on the user as part of a group or an individual, design leads solutions to an inclusive, integrated and inspiring process that transforms experiences for a better life.

From the large to the small, visible to the invisible, group to the individual, Collective Design will surface and reveal the innermost workings in infrastructure, policy, planning, research, organization, innovation, and management that occur behind the scenes and on the front lines of design and business.

DMI's Design/Leadership Europe 16 will explore the role of design leadership in this new world of collective design.

Day One: Society/Community/Organization
Who drives policy? What systems are in place to serve communities? How are multi-disciplinary, open source processes engaging in collaborative design? Who are the unexpected designers and what role do they play behind the scenes?

Day Two: Citizen/Consumer/Designer
How do we enable citizens to participate in design? How are experiences and services delivered to the end-user? How do we connect to the hearts and minds of the individuals? How does design deliver on the bigger promise?

Deadline for registration is February 17, 2012.