Red Bull Mind Meld Videomapping Installation

Red Bull Mind Meld Videomapping Installation

One hundred sixty-five thousand fans who got down to the sounds of electronic artists Tiesto, Avicii, David Guetta and others, at Miami's ULTRA Music Festival last weekend did not believe their eyes when they looked to the sky as the "Red Bull Mind Meld" experience transformed the iconic InterContinental hotel into a sea of video projections in one of the largest-ever USA displays of innovative projection mapping technology.

One second, the InterContinental appeared completely normal; the next, bricks broke free and started tumbling down. Soon the entire facade came crumbling to the ground, revealing gyrating, hypnotic line art that throbbed to the techno music blasting at its base. Minutes later, a gyrating psychedelic mural, created by Integrated Visions Productions painted the side of the building. IVP teamed with technical producer SenovvA, to produce the massive "Red Bull Mind Meld" videomapping installation, which covered 29 stories of the Intercontinental Hotel from sundown to midnight the three nights of the Ultra Music Festival.

Integrated Visions Productions produced more than 30 custom 3D animation modules, integrating cultural and extreme sports footage from the Red Bull content pool into the projections.

"We had access to the complete Red Bull video library, the athletics, extreme sports, base-jumping, snow boarding, all that stuff, and we produced more than 30 original animated loops," said Brian Blessinger, partner, Integrated Visions Productions. "We had a good mix of action footage and original party music video content. The Red Bull content was about one-fifth of the total content, the rest abstract visuals and animation that our creative team developed and designed."

Integrated Visions Productions