BIG JAMBOX by Jawbone - Sound Designed for Your Life

BIG JAMBOX by Jawbone: Sound Designed for Your Life

The original JAMBOX SmartSpeaker is both a critical and commercial success that has ushered in the era of the wireless speaker. The new entrant in the JAMBOX line, the BIG JAMBOX, takes all of the design attributes that made the original a success, and pushes the boundaries of materials, manufacturing and form to the next level.

Over the last 10 years, Jawbone has approached design with the goal of seamlessly integrating technology and everyday life. At Jawbone, we believe that innovative product design is what unites our achievements in science, technology, engineering and craft, bringing each element together to form a single quality product in a beautiful package. As the embodiment of Jawbone's overarching design philosophy - "Sound Designed for Your Life" - BIG JAMBOX was built on the foundation that empathy for our users' lifestyles inspires better design.

This design ecosystem is expressed through:
a) Clear geometric forms and a refined simplicity
b) Relief textures that are functional, tactile and visually stunning
c) Unique, proprietary materials and manufacturing processes

BIG JAMBOX is the purest expression of the Jawbone design ethos. The pure proportions and geometry are the first elements one notices. The refined volume makes BIG JAMBOX portable, while delivering incredible sound performance. To maximize performance and minimize obstructions, perforated metal wraps the front, top, back, and underside of BIG JAMBOX. A series of patented relief textures are applied to the metal minimizing vibration and maximizing the structural integrity and robustness. The wave, hex and dot textures also minimize material thickness, and provide a visual playfulness as the light catches and defines the subtle relief. The seamless edge-to-edge transitions of the perforated steel require considerable manufacturing innovations, resulting in a proprietary process that pushes the boundaries of art and engineering.

The thin elastomer edges frame the openness of the metal, and integrate an on/off button with a ring LED, a pairing button and connectors within its surface. The same material is used for easy to identify controls that are sized and spaced for quick and easy use. On the underside eight rubber feet isolate BIG JAMBOX from vibrations and ensure it stays firmly in place, even when pumping out deep bass.

While most of the industry is trying hard to up one another with decorative forms, BIG JAMBOX aims to deliver the best sound with the most honest design and experience. These principles extend to all areas of the design for BIG JAMBOX, from the packaging to the product experience. Simplicity and performance are what we strive for and what we aim to integrate into our users' everyday lives.


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