Carter Wong Designs Multi-cultural Yogurt Drinks Packaging and Brand Makeover for Bio Green Dairy

Carter Wong Designs Multi-cultural Yogurt Drinks Packaging and Brand Makeover for Bio Green Dairy

New branding and packaging by London design company Carter Wong for Bio Green Dairy has helped the Middlesex based producer achieve instant market penetration with an extended product range of real fruit yoghurt smoothies and exciting Asian-inspired Lassi yoghurt drinks.

One of the joys of living in multi-cultural Britain is the variety of delicious ethnic foods and drink available on the high street. Spearheading this cross-over of cultures is boutique producer Bio Green Dairy, which introduced their authentic Lebanese-style drinking yogurt to the UK in 1988 and has just added a series of exotic fruit Lassis to its portfolio of authentic quality products. Carter Wong's packaging designs for the range combine eastern and western influences, attracting attention with Bollywood inspired colourful foiled discs and Indian motifs based on traditional henna patterns.

At the centre of the Lassi packs and Bio Green Dairy's other product lines is a new brand identity featuring a revitalised 'Edna' the cow. Edna's new lease of life comes from a redrawn illustration that gives her an energetic bounce, a frisky, flicked tail and a set of (previously omitted) udders. She now jumps happily over the brand name, itself re-crafted with a hand drawn font. The milk white cow sits (or leaps) across all the Bio Green Dairy ranges, reversed out of any colour appropriate to the range or product in question.

A redesign of Bio Green's core range of rich, real-fruit yoghurt drinks by Carter Wong has provided another opportunity to set Edna centre stage. Here, she is seen frolicking across chunky strawberry, raspberry, cherry, banana and peach graphic motifs. A 'shake and enjoy' cow bell completes the theme with good humour, along with Carter Wong's naming ideas for tempting flavours: Bionic Banana, Cheeky Cherry, Perky Peach, Racy Raspberry and Savvy Strawberry. Set against a white ground, the result is a product that has a joie de vivre with high shelf impact.

As part of the overall brand makeover, Carter Wong has brought in line Bio Green Dairy's established and popular range of Middle Eastern products. Their Lassi Ayran drinking yogurt and their Lebanese style labneh yoghurt, made in small batches to traditional recipes, are established market staples amongst Middle Eastern consumers in the UK. The redesign has been evolutionary. The packs retain their fresh colour scheme of light green and pale blue but 'Edna' is now centre field and the colours have been reinterpreted as universally understood symbols of freshness and well-being: green pastures and sunny skies populated by daisies and butterflies. With such broad appeal, the line is now able to extend its market penetration through supermarkets and non-specialist retail outlets.

"Bio Green Dairy needed branding and packaging that would allow its authentic yogurt products to compete in the mainstream yet sustain their popularity in various niche markets," explained Phil Carter, Creative Director of Carter Wong. "The brand identity has had an injection of energy that creates a highly visible marketing platform for the Bio Green Dairy, with products that stand out as distinctive beverages that are accessible to everyone."

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