Carter Wong Delivers Brand Identity for Nomadic Kefirs

Carter Wong Delivers Brand Identity for Nomadic Kefirs

Carter Wong has created new brand identity and packaging design for Nomadic's newly launched range of Kefir drinks. Available in three flavors - lemon, raspberry and natural - the Kefir range is a fermented probiotic milk drink with live cultures that aid digestion and gut health.

Carter Wong delivered the wider brand identity for Nomadic in 2014, rebranding from Bio Green Dairy following acquisition by The Different Dairy Company. The updated identity of 'Nomadic' captures the brand's commitment to traveling the world in discovery of new taste and flavor profiles and shaped the wider look and feel, including a logo of a young boy leading a cow.

This latest brand extension builds on the strength of the Nomadic brand, showcasing the depth of flavor and health benefits within each bottle of Kefir. In contrast to Nomadic's Lassi and Ayran yogurt drink ranges, the Kefir bottles are encircled in a bright blue label, adding standout on the supermarket shelf, whilst giving a nod to the color coding of the dairy sector.

Working alongside illustrator Daniel Long, Carter Wong helped produce illustrations of the Caucasus Mountains - where Kefir is said to originate from - that run along the base of the label, celebrating the authenticity of the product, with the core flavor ingredients radiating from behind like the sun. The fine silver foil block lines also help to create a glow on front of pack, visually reinforcing the product's core benefit of health from the inside out.

A strong bold logomark was crafted for the Kefir word, with typographic niceties to certain characters, giving it an authentic eastern European feel.

Carter Wong