Disrupt and Delight - Five Principles for Sustainable Brand Innovation

Disrupt & Delight: Five Principles for Sustainable Brand Innovation

BBMG has recently released a new white paper titled "Disrupt & Delight: Five Principles for Sustainable Brand Innovation." The booklet leverages BBMG's recent experience helping clients embed sustainability into the branding and marketing functions to create shared value.

In addition to sharing best practices, it offers a robust, multi-dimensional framework for defining sustainable brand innovation.

Our world today is defined by more scarcity, complexity and speed, as well as more creativity, innovation and participation.

Against this backdrop of "radical contradiction," the booklet explores several fundamental and exciting questions: How might we design new business models driven by more than just consumption? How might we re-invent whole systems in ways that make the limits of the status quo obsolete? How might we create more happiness and a better quality of life for more people even as our economy shifts to meet nature's limits?

Disrupt & Delight illustrates how some of today's most forward-thinking brands are addressing these challenges.