CACTUS Insulin-Management Concept by Entwurfreich

CACTUS Insulin-Management Concept by Entwurfreich

Entwurfreich has unveiled CACTUS, a design-concept to support diabetics by providing relief in everyday life, reliable long-term-recording and integration into modern lifestyles.

Currently diabetics have to take many different components along with them and to write a diary about blood sugar levels. The resulting effort in organizing these things and the possible mistakes make daily life more difficult. CACTUS optimizes this situation by offering every feature that is needed for regulation of blood sugar levels during the day and yet it is just about the size of a spectacle case.

The concept divides the application scenario into two product states - measuring blood sugar levels and insulin injection. If the measuring state is activated by opening CACTUS towards the bottom side, all the tools needed for measuring blood glucose levels and calculation of the insulin dose are accessible. Calculation and indications are displayed via energy efficient e-ink technology.

Once the insulin dose is calculated, CACTUS is opened on the upper side for injection. After taking out the pen, one of the needles stored inside the case, can be applied. The dose can be corrected directly on the pen if needed and pushing the tip will start the injection process. The intuitive procedure of sliding the case open in both directions not only organizes the action areas, but also divides CACTUS into a protective cover and a functional inner part.

While CACTUS' interface goes along with all actions, recorded data can be saved via M2M-communication so it can be visualized on other devices. This creates interaction between CACTUS and the patient's smart phone or the doctor's computer, who can log into the data via DocCheck-verification.

To counter the individual and societal burden of diabetes, CACTUS makes a deliberate statement with its fashionable appearance. It transfers the focus from the burden of the disease to an accessory that visualizes the individuality of the user.

CACTUS is the integration of functionality, engineering and aesthetics that simplify a complex procedure. It becomes a daily companion for diabetics. This results in a product that is more about a lifestyle than a necessity.


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