EYA Mobile Projector by Entwurfreich

EYA Mobile Projector by Entwurfreich

Designed by Entwurfreich, EYA is portable projector that encompasses two different modes for transportation (inactive) and presentation (active).

EYA is a novel approach to generate a product that is a fit-for-purpose solution within a changing real-world scenario. Main focus during development was put on maximizing ease of use, fast connectivity, high density media format processing while delivering a framework with the most compressed structure inside.

Being in inactive mode, protection is the dominating theme: an aluminum frame protects depot-like the invisible moved-in parts resulting in space-saving and comfortable transportation activity.

The presentation mode is activated by a push on the upper surface enabling the elegant move-out of the projection lens. EYA comes along with four touch-sensitive and illuminated controls on the top surface.

The design of EYA appeals with a concise and simplified silhouette combined with the tantalizing tension between the different modes of transport and presentation. The surrounding aluminum framework conveys depot protection of valuable inside components in inactive transport mode, while activation through move-out of the presentation unit is supposed to deliver an emotional moment to the customer.


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