BarclayCard PayBand - Seymourpowell Designs Fully Contactless Payment System

BarclayCard PayBand: Seymourpowell Designs Fully Contactless Payment System

Seymourpowell has recently unveiled Barclaycard PayBand, the specially designed wristband from the leading global payment business that allows users to pay for goods quickly and easily using contactless technology.

As part of the Barclaycard PayBand brief, Seymourpowell was tasked with designing the PayBand device in a way that made it wearable, secure, and easy to use when users are out and about.

"Here at Seymourpowell, we're continually working in the future so this project was a natural fit for us," commented Ben Watson, Seymourpowell Associate Design Director. "Barclaycard are pioneering new forms of payments and are at the forefront of developing viable contactless and mobile payment schemes for today and cutting edge forms of payment for the future."

Barclaycard PayBand was launched for festival-goers that attended this year's Barclaycard Wireless Festival - the first music event in the country to be fully contactless enabled, giving music lovers the ability to enjoy the experience without having to carry cash.

As part of the branded experience at this year's Wireless Festival, Seymourpowell also designed bespoke terminals to allow PayBand users the opportunity to check their credit balances throughout the festival. Festival-goers could pay for goods and services at the event by simply placing their Barclaycard PayBand on a reader, without needing to enter a PIN or sign their name.

In addition to designing the PayBand and terminal, Seymourpowell defined a cohesive environments language for the Barclaycard brand. This language influenced the design and experience of the Perk Park and the Unwind VIP Lounge. The Unwind Lounge was a luxury area with earthy tones and a mixture of textures for people to relax away from the event. Perk Park provided a special user experience where festival-goers could use their PayBand to access a free photo booth and music station, and receive a variety of Barclaycard branded items.


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