Pearlfisher Creates Brand Identity and Packaging for Tria Beauty

Pearlfisher Creates Brand Identity and Packaging for Tria Beauty

Pearlfisher has created the brand identity, portfolio architecture and packaging for the range of skincare devices and topical products from Tria Beauty.

The goal of the new identity and design expression was to promote the brand's positioning as an advanced skincare product that successfully combines technology and beauty and better reflect the positioning and tagline "See beauty in a new light."

"We have brought the two worlds together by combining soft, feminine cues with precision and technology to communicate both the functional and emotional benefits of light in meeting beauty needs," commented Jonathan Ford, Founding Partner and Chief Creative Officer at Pearlfisher.

"We focused on the essence of light - its vibrancy, playfulness and power - to create a simple but seamless and integrated identity. We developed an own-able expression of light that forms a continuous spectrum of color. This spectrum becomes the key driver for a systematic portfolio architecture. Each of the three product categories is represented by a section of the color spectrum. When the range of products is merchandised on shelf, the full spectrum comes to life and creates a unique and powerful expression.

In addition, we have created a custom-made typography to represent and reflect the two worlds; mixing soft curves with straight lines and using a neutral color to represent technology, innovation and empowerment. A typeface that is both elegant and empathetic."