Frost* Creates a Gateway for Success

Frost* Creates a Gateway for Success

Frost* has developed the brand strategy, name and identity for a major new commercial property development on a site at Mascot, near Sydney's international airport, soon to be vacated by Qantas. The agency has rolled out the work across a marketing campaign for Gateway 241, aimed at securing a major international company to take on a long-term tenure in the office building.

Valad Property has engaged Architectus to develop an 'A-grade efficient floor plate property' with over 21,000 square meters, 360˚ views and signage opportunities in an international high traffic area. Valad says that large companies are still recovering from the GFC but are starting to invest in infrastructure again. The objective of the brand and campaign work from Frost*, is to secure a single significant pre-lease for a term of 15 yrs, with an industry-leading brand that either has international clients or are themselves part of an international network.

In developing the brand strategy and name, Frost* honed in on the term connectivity, as a reference to the property's location at a major connection point to Sydney and the world. This brand essence led to the name Gateway 241, as positive summation of the property's many levels of connection. Located at 241 O'Riordan Street, it is the tallest building in the surrounding area. Its sweeping views of the airport, ocean and CBD create a strong sense of connection to the immediate city hub and wider world beyond, at a gateway point to both.

The name is realised as a mark which communicates connectivity, by splitting and stacking the word Gateway and reconnecting it with the letter four. The numeral also mirrors the form of a runway, the dominating feature of the view and surrounding landscape.

With the marketing campaign, Frost* was briefed to reach potential commercial tenants with a message about the property's impressive credentials - a standout building without any local rivals, demonstrating prestige and influence, and possessing sophisticated technology and exciting workspaces which attract talent.

This has been achieved with a suite of print and digital marketing collateral which uses hero imagery of the dominating views, including an A3 brochure with a 360˚ panoramic photograph at the centrefold. Bold typography and data displayed as infographics for impact and easy consumption, are brightened with a bespoke accent colour, Gateway 241 Green, created especially by Frost*. The branding and design work has been applied across brochureware, interactive presentation, microsite, a display suite and a digital flythrough of the property.

Vince Frost, founder and CEO of Frost*, says strategic branding is a crucial element of the overall success of a property development.

"Commercial property development is an incredibly competitive, high-stakes business. When a building is still in construction, it is a very intangible thing," he said. "This means that branding is perhaps never more important for commercial success than it is here."

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