Casa Rex Develops New Mouthwash Packaging for Unilever

Casa Rex Develops New Mouthwash Packaging for Unilever

Casa Rex has created the packaging and global guidelines for Signal Expert Protection, Unilever's new mouthwash range.

Casa Rex asserted that previous packaging failed to portray the product's high quality credentials. Instead, it presented a cluttered image, composed of scattered text and icons, which did nothing to help consumers recognize each product or its respective functional benefits.

In order to create a clearer and instantaneous consumer appeal, the consultancy "cleaned up" the product range, developing a new functional structure that has a highly iconic appeal.

"Signal, along with the other Unilever Oral Care brands, takes on new life through a fresh burst of movement, and a new prime position at the top of the packs, whilst the Expert Protection branding introduces new aspirational lines and fluid light effects, endorsing its premium aesthetic and alignment with its high quality proposition," commented Gustavo Piqueira, head of Casa Rex and the creative director of the project, together with Danilo Helvadjian and Ingrid Lafalce.

"By removing unnecessary clutter and re-organizing each variant's key benefit visuals, a new easily understandable 3-step hierarchy was created, with prominent branding and clearer differentiation through highlighted sub-brand areas for each variant and their respective benefits. The result is a strong product line identity with clear benefits and maximized on-shelf appeal."

Casa Rex