Blue Marlin Designs Packaging for New ZEO Flavours

Blue Marlin Designs Packaging for New ZEO Flavours

Blue Marlin has recently created packaging for ZEO's three new enticing variants, aptly called Burst, Crush, and Zest.

Blue Marlin was the creative agency behind the first incarnation of ZEO, which launched last summer to great acclaim across the UK. Upon that success, this new range was developed to appeal to a wider audience. Championing the use of natural ingredients, these new formulations have a fruity, clean, crisp and refreshing taste whilst retaining ZEO's original tingling taste sensations.

The integrated branding agency was tasked with adapting the original design for the mainstream, increasing shelf standout whilst keeping true to the essence of the brand.

Now looking to catch consumers' eyes on supermarket shelves, ZEO's graphics have moved from understated minimalism to stylish boldness. An additional element of the design is the introduction of Russian iconography to communicate the brand's origin - A red star crests the cap and a silhouette of St. Basil's Cathedral rises within the barcode. ZEO's unique bottle structure has also been refined for mass production. While the curves have been reduced, the subtle twist still remains, thus keeping ZEO in a category all of its own.

"Rather than relying as much on the subtleties of mystery and sensuality which were so prevalent in ZEO's market debut, the new design focuses on bold standout and the intriguing origin of the drink," said Blue Marlin London Creative Director Simon Pendry.

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