August Smart Lock by fuseproject

August Smart Lock by fuseproject

August is a new smart lock system designed by Yves Behar's fuseproject that installs in minutes over your existing deadbolt and syncs with your smart phone. Access is secure, encrypted and cannot be copied.

With an access code, you can give people assigned entry times and dates. For example, the housekeepers code will only grant her access between 12-3 on Wednesdays or if you have a guest staying for the week, the code is for that week only and then expires.

With the auto-unlock feature, the smart lock recognizes when your phone gets near the door and opens it so you no longer have dig through your bag for your keys. Remote access allows you to open the door for guests from anywhere, at any time.

Further, it has an invitation aspect that allows for one to send invitations to events and grant guests access through the app. You can also leave notes for guests within the app and/or share photos and comments with the owners.


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